Industrial VAC Services in the DC Area

What Is “Industrial VAC Services”?

Frequently the only way to efficiently clean a tank or a pit is to use a vacuum source to remove the waste and debris.  In other situations, the material to be removed is a slurry or even solids. Again, a powerful vacuum source is the best solution.

JPG utilizes a diverse fleet of commercial and industrial VAC units – ready for every type of project.  We mobilize our fleet in any combination to suit your requirement – from our low-profile 600-gallon vac unit for parking garage-level projects, or a 4,000-gallon full size VAC unit for lift stations, interceptors, and large tanks, or even our advanced technology industrial VACCON Combination Truck for stormwater management structures, heavy solids removal, or extraordinary vertical lift applications.

JPG has the right truck for your project.

Ejector Pit, Interceptors, Stormwater Filters & More

JPG is a licensed waste hauler in Maryland, Virginia, and the District for any tank cleaning project.  We have specialized equipment that will enter parking garage areas with low overhead clearance, and our team members are specially trained in confined space entry – physically getting in the tank – to accomplish the most adverse cleaning projects.






JPG Cares About Our Environment

As a certified maintenance provider for stormwater management products, such as the CONTECH StormFilter™ JPG can handle all your stormwater management and system maintenance needs.


Many county and city jurisdictions will periodically inspect your stormwater systems. Our Industrial VAC team will handle any maintenance directives and coordinate with the inspector for reinspection and system approvals.

Safety Is a Core Value at JPG

The safety and wellbeing of our Industrial VAC team members and our customers are of the utmost importance.  Our team continually train for better safety and a greater understanding of the services we provide.  Many work activities the VAC team undertakes have an inherent safety challenge, and we are continually analyzing and planning for the safe completion of your projects.

For prompt and efficient maintenance for your grease interceptor, lift station, or stormwater structures, choose JPG Plumbing & Mechanical. Call today at 240-241-5060. 

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